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Appraisals and Reviews

US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is one of the top and most highly trusted and regarded commercial real estate appraisal Companies, providing valuation services for all types of commercial property types nationwide for a broad range of clients including Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Appraisal Management Companies (AMC’s), Special Servicers and individual private owners.

  • Banks, Savings and Loan Associations
  • Title Companies (Easement Appraisals Working With Fidelity Title and the other Largest Title Companies in the Country)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pension Funds
  • CMBS B-piece Buyers
  • REITs
  • Loan Originators

US Real Estate Advisors has over 15 years of experience in performing inspections nationwide for major institutions, investors…

USREA has worked with our clients to take over the management in a pre-foreclosure situation, collected all the rents…

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US Real Estate Advisors has provided advisory services to 3 Companies and served on their Board of Directors. Two of the 3 Boards …

Title Easement Appraisals

At USREA we specialize in providing comprehensive easement appraisal services tailored to meet the unique needs of each property. 

Prepared over 200 reports to Testify as an Expert Witness for Attorneys, Title Companies and Individuals involved in a variety of disputes including easements issues, title issues involving the Dimunition in Value (DIV).

Professional and Expert MAI Commercial Appraisals and Reviews at USREA

USREA provides precise commercial building appraisal and review services to support informed decisions and optimize returns on real estate investments. As a reputable real estate authority, we offer customized local and nationwide property valuation and review services, including property appraisals, investment analysis, and market research tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Our Services 

Property Appraisals: Our property valuation services include assessing commercial properties for Banks, Title Companies, Insurance Offices, Annuity Assets, CMBS B-piece Buyers, REITs, and Credit Originators to determine their exact market value. The process helps clients make decisions regarding the market value of your investments. 

Investment Analysis: Our investment analysis services provide clients with detailed reports on the expected returns and risks of real estate investments. This permits investors to assess the profitability of different ventures and make vital choices to upgrade their portfolios. 

Due Diligence Reviews: Our property advisors review and identify potential issues or errors that might impact real estate transactions. It ensures clients comprehend the risks implied and put in extra effort to mitigate them. 

Market Research Services: Our market research services offer significant insights into market trends, property valuations, and investment opportunities. By staying informed about economic conditions, clients can make confident decisions and exploit upcoming opportunities in the real estate market. 

Why Choose USREA? 

USREA separates itself with expert and reliable MAI appraisals and reviews. Our team is steadfastly devoted to delivering exceptional service, and we focus on transparency, keeping you informed about the true market value of your property in 2-3 weeks at a price lower than the  competition. We work hard to understand each clients unique needs and objectives. That is the reason we take the time to customize our services to meet or exceed your needs and/or return requirements.

We go the extra mile and not only complete the valuation of your property but also provide to you a comprehensive CCPIA Inspection. We will identify all the immediate capital repair costs needed and detail each building component in poor condition and in need of repair. This detailed analysis can often reduce your purchase price and enable you to meet your capital reserve requirements. This will insure that tenants make all the necessary repairs prior their lease expiring and will save you money. Have confidence; with us, you’re in capable hands.

Contact Us 

Contact us today to get a quote so we can help you make the best investment and management decisions. Click on the red telephone on our website at Or just fill out your name and number on our Request Form under Services then Appraisals and we will contact you right away.