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Choose US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. to get the best nationwide real estate consulting services. We are amongst some leading real estate advisors & consulting firms helping our clients with their concerns regarding commercial real estate. Please schedule a meeting on “Calendly”, fill out the online form or call to request additional information about our company, services, research materials and/or resources:

    Managing Directors

    Joseph Harbert

    Douglas W. Portway

    Steve Wolgin

    Office Locations

    Florida Office

    5550 N Ocean Drive. Suite 4C. Riviera Beach, FL 33404

    New York Office

    9218 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11212

    New Jersey Office
    414 Birch Lane, Leonia, NJ 07605

    California Office
    7400 Hollywood Boulevard. Suite 307, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Direct: 800-438-1859