US Real Estate Advisors, Inc.


Investment and Asset Management

Our Team of asset managers combine our 200 years of providing management services on new or existing buildings and even troubled properties headed for foreclosure. We notify all the tenants of new management (if necessary) to take over, advertise and lease up your building whether it is a residential, retail or commercial use. This multi-disciplinary granular approach includes collecting rents, hire the right licensed contractors, provide you with monthly reports, make all necessary improvements to retain tenants and raise rents next year. This is the best approach to create value and generate high returns for both owners and investors.

Not just big words, we deliver the utmost satisfaction that maximizes value for our clients.

Dream Port 3, LLC is an entity focused on real estate acquisition, development and asset management, which is also managed by USREA. Past projects include acquisitions and dispositions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Dream Port 3, LLC was a superior and extremely successful investment in a multi-family and retail commercial property. We combine our proven expertise with a multi-disciplinary granular approach to identify commercial real estate opportunities that create value and generated high returns for the investors.

Inspections Nationwide

US Real Estate Advisors has over 20 years of experience in performing both Residential and Commercial Inspections Nationwide for Individuals

US Real Estate Advisors Inc. offers a wide range of contract underwriting, due diligence services and site inspection services to…

Board of Directors Experience

US Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (USREA) specializes and has provided hundreds of comprehensive real estate Easement…

Appraisals and Reviews

US Real Estate Advisors Inc. creates and implements viable commercial real estate debt restructuring solutions providing a…

Title Easement Appraisals

At USREA we specialize in providing comprehensive easement appraisal services tailored to meet the unique needs of each property. 

Prepared over 200 reports to Testify as an Expert Witness for Attorneys, Title Companies and Individuals involved in a variety of disputes including easements issues, title issues involving the Dimunition in Value (DIV)….