US Real Estate Advisors, Inc.


Foreclosures & Loan Workouts

USREA has worked with our clients to take over the management in a pre-foreclosure situation, collected all the rents, leased up the property and hired contractors to make the necessary repairs in order to sell the property for the maximum price.

Inspections Nationwide

US Real Estate Advisors has over 20 years of experience in performing both Residential and Commercial Inspections Nationwide for Individuals

Investment and Asset Management

Dream Port 3, LLC is an entity focused on real estate acquisition, development and asset management, which is also …

Board of Directors Experience

US Real Estate Advisors has provided advisory services to 3 Companies and served on their Board of Directors. Two of the 3 Boards …

Appraisals and Reviews

Provide valuations on all property types nationwide for clients including:

Title Easement Appraisals

At USREA we specialize in providing comprehensive easement appraisal services tailored to meet the unique needs of each property. 

Litigation Support and Testimony

Prepared over 200 reports to Testify as an Expert Witness for Attorneys, Title Companies and Individuals involved in a variety of disputes including easements issues, title issues involving the Dimunition in Value (DIV).