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US Real Estate Advisors Inc. offers a wide range of contract underwriting, due diligence services and site inspection services to assist clients with a variety of underlying underwriting and conduit CMBS transactions. Our outsourced services are tailored to provide comprehensive underwriting and strategic advice. Rather than maintaining separate underwriting teams, our clients utilize our team of underwriting consultants who have extensive experience in dealing with loan situations on a daily basis. US Real Estate Advisors Inc. combines its knowledge of the latest Underwriting Models with its knowledge of capital markets and national real estate trends to identify potential problem loans which may need to be repriced.

Our “off-site” underwriting process ensures the same high-level of quality as any “on-site” due diligence assignment, but at a reduced cost. Files are sent electronically to our offices for underwriting, valuations and fraud reviews. With over 20 years experience involving contract, due diligence & commercial mortgage loan underwriting, US Real Estate Advisors Inc. has earned a reputation of a personalized, diligent, real estate investment advice and underwriting excellence.

Services provided include:

  • Review all of the documents contained in the issuer’s loan file, including the rent roll, financial statements, property budget, appraisal, environmental report, property condition report, major tenant leases, management agreement, deeds, notes, mortgages, etc.
  • Develop underwriting view on each asset, which includes loan comments, collateral comments, valuation comments and a 10-year pro forma projection of the loan and property cash flows.
  • Perform site inspections on properties collateralizing either single loans or a pool of loans. Our site inspectors visit each property in a deal to confirm its occupancy, rental rates and condition.
  • Comprehensive financial compute

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